How to use oil burners

An oil burner or vapouriser is an effective way of getting fragrance into your room.

Oil burners consist of a tealight holder at the bottom and a bowl or holder for your fragrance items. Fragrance items include fragrance oils, essential oils, simmering granules and wax melts.

Only use standard tealights with oil burners. Using any other type of candle may cause the contents of the bowl to overheat and could possibly ignite.

If you are using your oil burner with a fragrance or essential oils you need to place water into the bowl and then add the oil to the water. When the water is heated by the tealight candle the fragrance is released.

If using simmering granules simply place a couple of spoonfuls directly into the well without water. When they are spent simply tip them away.

Wax melts are placed directly into the well.  Again when disposing of the spent wax be careful.