Rough Labradorite Stone

Product code: RLS

Labradorite Rough Raw Stone 

You will recieve 1 stone

Labradorite is a stunningly beautiful stone, hold it one way and it looks like an ordinary pebble, but get it in the right light and bang... The Inuit people believed that Labradorite was the Aurora Borealis, in stone form.

It is a magical stone and one of the most powerful protectors.

In the workplace, Labradorite brings out the best in people. It can temper the negative side of our personalities. 

This stone is said to aid many medical complaints from high blood pressure and gout to colds and flu. It is known as a stone of wisdom and truth and can aid good judgement under pressure keeping you calm and in control. It is also said to increase intellect and wisdom.  I think we all need one of these under our pillows.....

Measures at least 20mm long. Perfect for any crystal collection


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Colour Blue
Crystal Labradorite
Shape Pebble
Finish Unpolished
Design Rough Chunk
Chakra Throat
Brand Kindness101 Giftware
Condition New
Product Code RLS
Weight 0.1kg