Peach Selenite Heart, Angel Stone, Medium, Meditation, Reiki Healing


Medium Sized Peach Puff Selenite Heart

Approx 75g - 110g and measures approx 6cm x 5cm

Selenite, the Angel Stone, is a calming crystal that instils peace. It is an excellent stone for meditation. Holding a piece of Selenite in the hand is said to help drain any negative energy from the body while a large piece of Selenite placed in the house is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite is also a stone of truth and honesty. This promotes good business practices as well as honesty in other types of relationships.

Due to the nature of this product there may be flaws in the stone, it may not be perfect (this is part of its appeal)


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Finish Polished
Shape Heart
Type Minerals/ Crystals
Colour Orange
Brand Kindness101
Condition New
Weight 0.3kg