Patchouli Cream Ointment 60ml or 120ml

Patchouli Cream Ointment 60ml or 120ml from Avena
This is a product which we are frequently asked for, especially from our customer base of ageing bikers and hippy types! Not that you have to be one to benefit from the wonders of this natural product!
Patchouli is best known from the 60's, but is also thought to have many health benefits attributed to its use. To name a few, patchouli has been known to aid recovery of depression, can be an aphrodisiac, an insecticide and an all round general tonic.
Apply the ointment twice a day and massage in to reap the rewards.
Available in 60ml and 120ml.
Love the smell of this....and it helps me feel great!


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Condition New