Lord Buddha Red Sandalwood & Herbs Tibetan Incense Prayer & Meditation,Cleansing


Lord Buddha Incense

Red Sandalwood & Herbs Mixed

Concentration of mind before the image of Lord Buddha is the only means of attaining peace and salvation. This incense gives spiritual happiness. This is the only incense made of the herbs grown at the foot of Mt. Everest. Made by hand in Nepal.

65 gram packs containing approx 40 sticks each. Sticks are approx 17cm long

These Incense Sticks are not like the 'standard' ones you purchase,they are all natural and contain many herbs. They smoke more and donot have the thin stick base,so they cannot be used with most ash catchers. I pop mine in a plant pot, my bonsai seems to like them.

Manufactured, hand-rolled and packed in Monasteries of Nepal, this traditional incense is credited with a range of healing powers. Actually known as "Healing Incense" its almost magical properties (it is claimed) including being effective against stress, depression, tension and even backache!

Made in the same way (from pure and natural ingredients) for several hundred years. Inhaling the aroma can produce a natural high - which the Tibetan's us assure is non-toxic and non-addictive.

The sticks themselves are like incense sticks without the stick. The actual aroma when burning is sweet, herbal and evocatively exotic.


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Type Incense Sticks/ Cones
Scent Red Sandalwood & Mixed Herbs
Brand Chandra Devi
Condition New