Lion Head Wall Plaque Latex Mould

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Latex Mould To Make Lions Head Plaque
This mould can be used time and time again using powder, plaster or resin. Look after it and it will look after you. Just wash it after use, dry it (inside and out), add a little talcum powder and store in a safe dry place.
Great size - approx 23cm x 20cm
You can paint him or leave him as he comes. Add some colour or glitter to the mix, the choice is yours.

You can use plaster of paris, fine casting powder, cement. concrete, wax, soap and resin in our moulds.

Most moulds will need some support, this can be done by embedding the moulds into some sand or bubble wrap.

Once supported simply pour your mix into the mould, give it a little shake to bring any air bubbles to the top, then just leave to completely dry and set hard.

To remove I find it easiest to dust the outside of the mould with talc and gently roll the mould off the cast. Then leave for a few day (plaster) or several days (cement) to completely dry out. You can then paint it, you may need to use a spray primer first . Once painted, seal with spray varnish so its weatherproof.

Wash out moulds in warm soapy water, allow to completely dry, then give a dusting of talc inside and out and store somewhere dry. Looking after your moulds will give you years of use from them.

Our moulds are hand made to order, they are not fresh and new for you, so please allow up to 7 days for delivery



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Amber Stone from Norfolk -

Great mould

Loads of detail.

Quick dispatch

Design Lion
Type Latex Mould
Use Latex Mould
Material Latex
Country UK
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Condition New
Product Code LHLM
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