Latex Rubber Mould to Make this Cute Mushroom, Toadstool

Latex Mould to make this cute mushroom

Small size, approx 13cm tall and 9.5cm wide

This mould would suit concrete or a harder plaster as it is a 1 piece mould and needs a bit of stretch to get it over the lid on the bulb of the mushroom. Soapy water will help the removal of the mould.

This is a handmade latex rubber mould, created here in the UK using a high grade latex rubber.
The mould is re-useable and can be used many times. Store the mould in a dry, dark cool place.

To Use: Just hang the latex mould upside down in a bucket or tub (use sand or other to support)
and pour in your casting medium of choice. Tap to remove the air bubbles and once it has hardened
remove from the mould. The latex is very stretchy and elastic and should be easy to peel back,
use talc if needed to stop the latex sticking to its self. Once removed you can then paint or
varnish your new ornament.

The mould has a large flange to help it hang. I dust the moulds with talc once they are dry and
treat them with love and care.

Decorate your home, garden or balcony with your own unique handmade decoration


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Design Mushroom
Material Latex Rubber
Group Latex Mould
Type Latex Mould
Brand Kindness101
Condition New
Weight 0.2kg