Head Oil, A Natural Alternative to Headache & Migraine Pills

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Head Oil
Try this wonderful natural oil if you have a headache or migraine as an alternative to commercial pills and potions.
Made with natural oils and ready to apply to the temples this is a very popular product and also can be used for eye ache or tension when using computers a lot or doing a lot of reading or studying.
To use- The standard bottle has a dropper top so the oil is dispersed in drops. Put a few drops in the palm of hand and using fingertips gently rub into temples, around back of neck and even soles of feet if convenient or use roller-ball bottle and apply directly to skin. Use if HEADACHE or MIGRAINE is present or just starting.
Comes in a handy 10ml pocket or handbag size bottle.
This is one of those products that is handy to have in at all times, and to take on holiday or trips away, just in case!


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Type Aromatherapy
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