Fengshui Quatra-Set Natural Quartz Points, The Master Healer

Fengshui Quatra Set Natural Quartz, in Organza Pouch
What is Chakra?
The chakras are the energy centres of the body each associated with specific energies, abilities and parts of the body and spirit. Chakra stones are used to enhance chakra healing, and to balance the chakras on a daily basis.
So who needs an Esoteric Pouch Sets? Anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own healing will choose to buy the various healing crystals, so they can use them in the correct combination for healing all of the chakras.
Each set of 4 quartz point has been hand polished and hand engraved in India. They may vary slightly from the photos.
Handmade in India
Weight: 117g
Material: Quartz crystal
Size: 4.5-1mm
Natural quartz is a very versatile crystal and can do a variety of jobs, from clearing, protecting and strengthening your energy field by carrying any specific quality of energy.


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Shape Natural
Type Minerals/ Crystals
Finish Polished
Brand Unbranded
Condition New