Comfrey Ointment Bone Joint Fractures Skin Injuries Natural Healing Remedy 60ml- 200ml

Comfrey Ointment
60ml tub
120ml tub
or 200ml value tub
Comfrey is one of nature's greatest medicinal herbs and has been used since about 400 BC as a healing herb. Throughout the ages comfrey has acquired an unrivalled reputation as a healing herb. Greeks and Romans used comfrey to stop heavy bleeding, treat bronchial problems, and heal wounds and broken bones. Indeed, its name derives from the Latin 'conferre', meaning 'bring together' or 'grow together'. In Medieval times, comfrey's reputation for knitting broken bones flourished and it was commonly referred to as knitbone and often called the heal-all herb, it is also now very popular for arthritic pain. Comfrey ointment is an amazing all rounder, famed for aiding rapid healing for a vast array of skin injuries, broken bones and bone fractures.
Comfrey's most important ingredient is the substance allantoin. Allantoin is believed to be a cell proliferator, able to strengthen skin tissue, promoting the growth and multiplication of cells and thus speeding healing.
Comfrey ointment can be applied directly to the skin to provide a wonderful bone-setter on fractures or healing breaks, creating a protective casing around joints and therefore it may be wonderful for arthritis and encouraging new skin growth. Apply directly to the affected area by massaging into the skin. Do not use comfrey ointment for deep cuts or lacerations. Dressing should be changed daily.


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