Bat and Spider Saa Paper Mobile


Super cute and spooky Fairly traded Saa Paper Mobile

Bats and Spiders hang from this paper umbrella

Spooky! Made from Saa paper, this mobile makes a pleasant noise when blown in the wind or moved due to the small bells at the bottom of each string of bats.

Saa paper is a special, thin paper that is handmade in Thailand from the bark of the mulberry tree. The bark is harvested using a technique of Coppicing, allowing the tree to regrow. once the bard has dried, it is soaked until it becomes very soft. This softened bark is then fed through a pulping machine which turns the bark to a thick, porridgey consistency. This is then mixed in a vat with water where a wood and muslin frame is submerged briefly. The frames are then placed in the sun where the liquid dries to form a sheet of Saa paper!

Origin: Thailand

Hand made and Fairly Traded


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Colour Black
Design Halloween
Style Halloween
Condition New
Weight 0.3kg