Arctic Foot Spa Foot Soak Oil For Foot Odour Tired Sweaty Aching Feet 100ml

Arctic Foot Spa Foot Soak
Perfect for this hot summer. relax at the end of a hard day, with a foot bath and our wonderful oil.
Blended for people who suffer from foot odour, tired, sweaty or aching feet. It is made entirely from natural oils reputed to ease sweating and refresh tired 'smelly' feet helping to keep them odour free for longer. It also contains tea tree essential oil to combat fungal feet or nail infections. Use in a foot spa, foot wash or bowl at the end of a hard day or before going out on the town. To use simply add 5ml (about a cap full) to a bowl of warm water or foot spa and soak feet for at least ten minutes.
Choose from size 100ml, 250ml or the large value bottle 500ml.


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