Animal Ache Oil, Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Ponies

Animal ache oil is suitable for all breeds of dog, cat, horse or pony.

It is made for minor muscle stiffness and aches. It is made from a blend of essential oils in a base of comfrey oil, one of nature's most popular herbs which has been used since about 400 BC as a natural remedy on both people and animals. It can benefit aching muscles or help in mending fractures or breaks giving better freedom of movement and a happier animal. Comfrey was well known as 'knit bone' and some people still know it as this today. It can also be used as an aftercare to speed already treated problems or as a potential problem solver saving the animal's discomfort of a trip to the vets and the costs.

To apply just massage a small amount of oil into the affected area up to four times per day. 100ml - suitable amount for cats or small to medium size dogs. 250ml - suitable amount for large dogs, horses and ponies.


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Brand Avena