50gm Tub Frankincense Resin Incense

Resin Incense in a tub, in the stunning Frankincense scent (for use with
charcoal tablets)
The smoky fragrance produced by burning Frankincense Resin placed on charcoal disks is quite unique and amazingly evocative.

Incense Resin is sold in 50g tubs.

Burning Incense Resin: Light the charcoal and place it in your incense holder. Hold the charcoal with tongs. The charcoal will then self-ignite across the surface. When the charcoal starts to go grey around the edges this is the time to add resin. Often people add sand to incense holder to help absorb heat.

These are the highest quality charcoal tablets designed to quickly ignite and burn well even in damp or humid conditions (which some makes don't). The foil wrap keeps the charcoal tablets fresh and dry and ensures the highest quality. To use, position the charcoal tablet on a holder, plate or heat resistant surface and then place half a teaspoon of resin incense into the well. Using a match or lighter, light the side of the charcoal tablet, it will gradually smoulder around the rim on its own and slowly heat the pure incense within the well, which will simmer away filling the room with a beautiful aroma. 


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Scent Frankincense
Type Oils/ Granules
Material Incense Resin
Brand Ancient Wisdom
Condition New